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Welcome to the website of the Friendship Force of Florida Suncoast. We hope that this site will both answer some questions for you, and whet your appetite to find out more. Search through the pages, follow the links that seem enticing, and check out our albums of photos showing some of our experiences. If you are curious about the world, like to travel and you want to meet new people, the Friendship Force is an organization for you.

Friendship Force International is non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit organization. Our local Friendship Force Florida Suncoast club is part of this worldwide network of 350 clubs (local chapters) in 56 countries on six continents. Friendship Force is not a travel club. Rather, its goal is to promote peace and global understanding through personal contacts, experiences and friendships with people of other nations and cultures.

We do this by connecting with members around the world at the personal level through Exchanges that are arranged by our international friendship Force office. These exchanges usually involve 20-25 member ambassadors who stay in the homes of the club members they visit as a group. When we visit other clubs and stay in their homes, and when we host members from other countries and cultures in our homes, true understanding and friendships can develop through the sharing of meals, conversation and the routine of daily life.

We believe that every friendship formed across the barriers of nationality, language, religion or politics makes the world a better place to live. By connecting the world one friend at a time, we will create a world of friends that becomes a world of peace.

The Power of Friendship

“As a member of the Friendship Force,

I recognize that I can make a difference.

I recognize that I have a mission. That

mission is to be a friend to the people

of the world. As I embark upon this

adventure, I know that others will be

watching me. I know that through my

example to my fellow citizens and the

people of other countries, the cause

of friendship and peace can be furthered.”

- The Friendship Force Pledge

Logo Shirts:

Friendship Force of Florida Suncoast logo shirts are available for order from Big Frog Custom T-shirts in Clearwater.  

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