Journeys– A Cultural Encounter

Through our signature program of exchanges, Friendship Force members around the world have the opportunity to share meals, conversation and the routines of daily life, creating a unique cultural encounter and lasting friendships

Since 1988, our members have traveled the world to meet new friends and explore the cultures and cities of dozens of cities that include Australia, Germany, Ghana, Columbia, England, Ireland, Hungary, Japan, Russia and many more. We have also hosted dozens of international exchanges, meeting new friends from Germany, Ghana, Canada, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Netherlands, Vietnam, Thailand, and more. Our members also travel with the hundreds of other outbound exchanges arranged by Friendship Force clubs around the world each year.

We generally host at least one week-long exchange of international visitors each year, sometimes more, and all our club members are expected to play a part in making it a success. Also, our club usually has one outbound exchange each year to visit another club somewhere in the world where their members plan a week of activities for us while we stay in their homes. Then we usually add on another week of travel activities that we arrange independently or with a travel agency or tour group. 


A Few of Our More Recent Journeys

Our inbound journey from Raleigh N.C. 

Our outbound journey to Romania with Habitat for Humanity Global Cooperation Build

Our inbound journey from Long Island

Our outbound journey to Russia

Our outbound journey to Greater Milwaukee

Our outbound journey to Brazil 

Our outbound exchange to TUXTLA GUTIERREZ  and Coatepec Mexico

Our outbound exchange to Turkey

We hosted Ukraine

We visited the Trujilla club in Peru club

Out outbound exchange to South Africa

We hosted visitors from five nations (link to subpage with copy)

The Vietnam club visited us

Click here to view the Friendship Force International Catalog of Worldwide Journeys.

Incoming Flathead Valley, MT, June 2021, Host Journey Coordinator - Karen Sherrets
Outgoing Long Island, NY, October 2021, Ambassador Journey Coordinator - Nancy Warner 
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