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Our Origins

Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter helped develop Friendship Force in 1977 with its mission of promoting global understanding across the barriers that separate people. The concept was widely embraced and in 1992 Friendship Force was Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Today, there are over 350 chapters in 56 countries on six continents. Our chapter - Friendship Force Florida Suncoast – was founded in 1988.

Programs, Socials, Journeys, Special Activities & Events

We are a very active chapter with 60+ members. We typically host at least one week-long exchange of international visitors each year, planning local events and experiences for them. We also go on at least one outbound journey to be hosted by another club, either nationally, or internationally each year. We enjoy our annual picnic, holiday party, numerous socials, special events, and exchange activities through the year. We are members and volunteers for the annual St. Petersburg International Folk Festival and we produce a monthly newsletter with calendar of events.

Our club holds a program meeting at St. Petersburg College/Clearwater Campus once a month in the non-summer months, followed by an outing to a local restaurant. Our summer schedule has numerous social events but no formal meetings.

Our Mission

To promote global understanding across the barriers that separate people

Our Values

Mutual Respect • Cultural Diversity • Cultural Exploration • Service

Our Vision

  • Each individual will make a contribution to global goodwill.

  • The Friendship Force worldwide network of clubs and individuals will overcome differences among people and nations.

  • By connecting the world, one friend at a time, we will create a world of friends that becomes a world of peace.

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